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The Avs Hockey Podcast, Episode #88

This is the Joe Sakic 88-89 Quebec Nordiques jersey:


Photo courtesy of Classic Auctions, Inc.

As well as the Peter Mueller edition of The Avs Hockey Podcast.

Mueller 88

Photo courtesy of my friends at

Informative Avalanche related links you’ll be sure to enjoy:

March 2, 2014: Jay was #winning on #AvsHeader following the 6-3 win against the Lightning.


March 6, 2014.  Nathan MacKinnon passes Wayne Gretzky’s point streak for an 18 year old with this assist.

Ryan Kennedy, from The Hockey News, says that Nathan is a lock to win the Calder Trophy.  You’ll get no argument from us.

The Denver Post’s Terry Frei describes Nathan MacKinnon’s journey to Denver.

Imagine Avs:

YouTube Preview Image

James’ response to Imagine Avs on his blog.

Big Buff, I’d like you to meet karma.  Karma, this is Big Buff.  Matt Duchene, FTW.  (Literally.)

Adam Proteau, from The Hockey News, votes Patrick Roy for the Jack Adams Award.  We agree, again.

The Denver Post’s Adrian Dater’s piece on Patrick Roy and what Roy has brought to this Avs team.

Roy McGregor, from The Global Mail, writes about Nathan MacKinnon and what he has to prove.

Pierre LeBrun, via, discusses Patrick Roy’s success and how it hasn’t surprised Roy’s former coaches at all.

Puck Daddy’s post on Patrick Roy returning to Montreal.

Backhand Shelf’s Justin Bourne gives some much deserved love to Ryan O’Reilly.

John Mitchell slammed into the boards on March 19 against the Canadiens.  OUCH.

Photo Courtesy of John Mitchell's Twitter account.

Photo Courtesy of John Mitchell’s Twitter account.

Friends don’t let friends bang on the glass at hockey games.

YouTube Preview Image

Jiggy and retirement.  The Denver Post’s Adrian Dater talks with 35.


  1. Hector Hernandez says:

    First off: love your podcast. Good to be part of an Avs community that supports the team through meaningful discussion and not just mindless yelling.
    Second: You guys got it all wrong on the Imagine Avs video. It was meant for pumping up the base Avs fans. It was not brooding. It was a commentary on the lack of love for the Avs from the general hockey community. There were too many times that the Avs were looked over as serious contenders by most of the analysts on for example NHL Tonight. Some nights they would not even show highlights from the Avs games let alone have at least 30 seconds of discussion about their play. I was surprised that it did not touch Gralian’s artistic sensabilities. It’s all about context people.

  2. The AHP says:


    First, thanks for the support. We definitely appreciate you supporting what we do. Thank you. And as far as the video, we were just having some fun. I give the Avs credit for making an effort and doing something to put the team out there. Pretty much everyone has moved on from it already though. The playoff clinch is all that matters now!

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