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The Avs Hockey Podcast, Episode #84

In this show, James “Tapeleg” Gralian and I celebrate the Avalanche’s 13-2 start, we break down the Steve Downie/Max Talbot trade, and we stress the importance of keeping your stick on the ice.  Those topics and a whole lot more in episode #84 of The Avs Hockey Podcast, Your Home for Almost Everything Avalanche.  Thanks for joining us Avs fans!

Links mentioned in our show:

The Avalanche’s Communications Department is now on Twitter.  Check out their feed and give them a follow here.

Puck Daddy’s post dedicated to Matt Duchene’s first goal against the Canes on October 25.  It was pretty.

Penis Peter McNab interviews Ryan Wilson during a commercial break during the Canes game and EJ makes a guest appearance.  Good stuff.

Terry Frei’s piece on Patrick Roy which ran in The Denver Post on October 28.

Terry Frei’s piece on Patrick Roy’s arrest in October of 2000.

Harrison Mooney: Was Steve Downie Traded Because He Hit Gabriel Landeskog During Training Camp.

The newest Flyer (Steve Downie) gets clocked in his first game back in Philly.

The CBC’s Elliotte Friedman with his 30 thoughts for November 6.

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  1. […] to rock you” like this one does, but never actually get to the rocking, at the end of episode 84 of the Avs Hockey Podcast. This is a classic example.  They are ready to rock us, but haven’t started, and I doubt […]

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