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The Avs Hockey Podcast, Episode #83 (Kind of)

Bad news and good news AHP fans…

James and I recorded a podcast this weekend.  Everything seemed like it was cool and we had a great show for you guys.  James went to edit the show and the small sample of what’s attached is what the entire podcast sounded like.  It’s not awful, but it was definitely not good enough for us to post the whole show.  We take pride in the content as well as the sound quality of our podcast and don’t want to compromise either if it’s at all possible.  We apologize for not having a full show for you.  There’s not a whole lot that we can do about that right now with many other important things going on in our lives.  We will record another full show for you here in the near future.  Thanks for your patience with that.

On the flip side, just before we recorded our show, James and I were asked to be guests on another NHL podcast.  Jeff Ponder from The Bash Brothers Podcast recorded a segment with us that he posted here, so please give it a listen.  We go on at the one hour and two minute mark an talk Avs hockey for about 25 minutes.

Below you will find some of the resources that we were going to post with The AHP 83 had it sounded a little bit better.


Deadspin: Patrick Roy Goes Nuts, Breaks Stuff

A cool .gif of Patrick Roy breaking stuff

John Buccigross’ column on Patrick Roy

More love for Matt Duchene from Backhand Shelf’s Justin Bourne

Puck Daddy’s Harrison Mooney and his five most surprising teams from the first two weeks of the season

Stephen Whyno from The Canadian Press talks about Semyon Varlamov

Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy also discusses Varly

And the worst locker room interviews ever.  Great stuff!


Thanks again for your patience and understanding.  We really do hate to leaving your ear holes unsatisfied.  We are definitely disappointed that our show didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to for you.  We will talk to you again soon though.  Until then, take care and Let’s Go Avs!


  1. KNHL72 says:

    Thanks to you both, Jay and James, for busting your humps (it IS Wednesday) to keep us apprised of All Things Avs. I know you both have (much) better things to do with your time, and priorities need to change when really important things need your attention. You share your passion with those of us who share in the passions of Avs/hockey everywhere. I want to share my appreciation for all that you do to keep things fun and entertaining for those of us with not nearly enough talent to do it ourselves.
    Big hockey hugs to you both!

  2. Jay Vean says:

    Karmen…Your kind words mean a lot. Thank you for your support and Let’s Go Avs!

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