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The Avs Hockey Podcast, Episode #80

In this podcast, James “Tapeleg” Gralian and myself break down almost everything Avalanche that happened since our last show from Jiggy’s comments to Joe Sacco being fired.  Thanks for joining us Avalanche fans and thank you as well for another fantastic season of The AHP.  We truly appreciate your support!

Link from the show: The Hot Corner team from Hockey Night in Canada speculating on upcoming Avalanche management and coaching changes.

And if you’re not A Tribe Called Quest fan the outro is going to make absolutely no sense to you at all.  This video will help make at least some sense out of a pretty epic riff by James.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. KNHL72 says:

    LOVE ATCQ! Great random reference. :)

  2. KNHL72 says:

    PS… nice dig on Parker, guys. Hey, I may not go to the Avs games if they were in my backyard either. Not the way they played MOST of the last 10 games!

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