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The Avs Hockey Podcast, Episode #95

In this show, James “Tapeleg” Gralian and Jay discuss the 2014-2015 Colorado Avalanche season, our highlights, lowlights, MVPs, and LVPs, Ryan O’Reilly’s future with the team, and how the Avs match up against current NHL playoff teams.  Those topics and much more Avalanche and hockey stuff coming at you in episode #95 of The Avs Hockey Podcast.  Thank you for joining us Avs fans.  We hope you enjoy the show.

Useful Internet linkage from the show:

The Avs announced their new AHL affiliate on April 17th.  Details here.

How about a few highlights from the season?

Daniel Briere’s 300th career goal on October 13, 2014 was a last-second game-winner in Boston.

YouTube Preview Image

The Avs scored two goals in nine seconds twice this season.

First, it was Cody McLeod and Matt Duchene on February 16, 2015.

YouTube Preview Image

Then it was Jarome Iginla and Ryan O’Reilly on April 7, 2015.  These two goals are showcased at 2 minutes and 10 seconds of this highlight video.

YouTube Preview Image

Speaking of Avs/Preds on April 7, 2015, check out Joey Hishon’s first career NHL goal at 4 minutes and 5 seconds of the video.

YouTube Preview Image

The Captain celebrates Hishon’s goal in style with a water bottle shower for 38.  Good hockey stuff here.

Nathan MacKinnon’s first career hat trick against the Lightning at Pepsi Center on February 22, 2015.

YouTube Preview Image

Erik Johnson, 2014-2015 Game Worn Burgundy Jersey

Not too long ago Erik Johnson had a career/all-star year going and then it ended way too quickly.  The Avalanche hung in there without him, but his absence definitely didn’t help the cause at all.  Even though E.J. missed the last 33 games of the 2014-2015 season (as well as the all-star game) with a knee injury, he was still able to set a career high in goals scored.  That’s pretty impressive considering he missed just short of half of the season and that’s also one of the reasons why I added this to my collection when I had the opportunity.
2014-2015 Erik Johnson Burgundy Set 1

2014-2015 Erik Johnson Burgundy Set 1 back

Even though Erik Johnson did a lot of things in this jersey there isn’t a lot to photo match on it.  That made me sad.  There is a team repair and some wear near the left elbow.

2014-2015 Erik Johnson Burgundy Set 1 left sleeve

And there are some faint stick marks just below the crest as well.

2014-2015 Erik Johnson Burgundy Set 1 below crest

Overall though, for as much action as this jersey saw, I’ve had a hard time finding a definitive match.  The closest I have gotten is a thread pull off the six on the number on the back and another couple pulls on E.J.’s right sleeve number.  Here’s a shot of him scoring his second goal of the game against the St. Louis Blues on December 13, 2014 at Pepsi Center.  This was his first career two-goal game.

DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 13:  Erik Johnson #6 of the Colorado Avalanche shoots and scores his second goal of the night against the St. Louis Blues to tie the score 2-2 in the second period at Pepsi Center on December 13, 2014 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

DENVER, CO – DECEMBER 13: Erik Johnson #6 of the Colorado Avalanche shoots and scores his second goal of the night against the St. Louis Blues to tie the score 2-2 in the second period at Pepsi Center on December 13, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Let’s zoom in on the thread pulls and get a closer look.


Here is Johnson getting some love from the bench after that tally.  Well done, E.J.

December 13 2014:  Members of the Avalanche congratulate Colorado Avalanche defenseman, Erik Johnson (6) on his second goal of the night during a regular season NHL hockey game between the Colorado Avalanche and the visiting St. Louis Blues at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO. (Icon Sportswire via AP Images)

December 13 2014: Members of the Avalanche congratulate Colorado Avalanche defenseman, Erik Johnson (6) on his second goal of the night during a regular season NHL hockey game between the Colorado Avalanche and the visiting St. Louis Blues at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO. (Icon Sportswire via AP Images)

In the photo matching game sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.  It may not be a stick mark, a burn, an unrepaired hole, or a team repair, it may be something as simple as a pull or a hanging thread.  In the end, it ALL counts.

By the way, here is some video from the goal pictured above.  Tap the stick, let it rip, and pump the fist.  Beautiful.

YouTube Preview Image

In a related jersey note, the Avalanche are now auctioning off their game worn jerseys rather than going through The MeiGray Group.  For us long-time jersey collectors this has been a transition, but things are still okay.  Here’s the new tagging that lets collectors know this jersey is an authentic game-worn Avalanche jersey.

2014-2015 Erik Johnson Burgundy Set 1 set tag

According to the Avs, and assuming my math is correct (which is always a stretch), Erik Johnson wore this jersey in 13 games at Pepsi Center (minus the home games when the team wore their blue alternate jerseys.)  He recorded five goals and three assists in those 13 games.  Here are the other four goals he scored (in addition to the video linked earlier in this post.)

October 30, 2014 against the Islanders.  This rocket gave the Avs a 5-0 lead in the third period.  Icing on the cake time.

November 22, 2014 against the Hurricanes.  This wicked wrister scored just after the power play ended got the Avs within a goal of the Canes in the second period.  Watch Johnson change the angle (Milan Hejduk style) just before he shoots it.  Spectacular.

In mid-December Johnson really started to heat up beginning with a two-goal effort against his former team.  The second goal is already linked above.  Here’s the first goal he scored on the power play on December 13, 2014 which gave the Avalanche a 1-0 lead later in the first period.  This time E.J. goes with the big slap shot.

The final goal Erik Johnson scored while wearing this jersey capped a four-game goal streak (the first four-game goal streak by an Avs defenseman since Sandis Ozolinsh did it in 1996) and a stretch where Johnson scored six goals in six games.  This was on December 27, 2014 against the Blackhawks and gave the Avs a 2-1 lead about halfway through the first period.  He joined a potential rush and almost ended up giving up on that rush and getting back on defense.  Then, thankfully, Johnson noticed that Ryan O’Reilly had the puck and some space.  The rush was back on.  It’s always cool watching hockey IQ at work.  Watch this highlight once and check out O’Reilly’s work to gain the puck.  Watch it again and check out Erik Johnson’s feet.  That’s hockey!

So there’s much of the journey of this jersey.  Plenty of highlights in a career first-half (plus a few games more) of a season.  I’m sure I speak for many of you when I say that I wish I could have seen the rest of Erik Johnson’s 2014-2015 season.  Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.

Either way, here’s to hoping that Erik Johnson’s best hockey with the Avalanche is yet to be played.

Let’s Go E.J. and Let’s Go Avs.

***Special thanks to my friends at for the statistics, videos, and details.  Creating this post was much simpler (and fun) because of the work you do.

Steve Konowalchuk, 2005-2006 Game Worn Burgundy Jersey

It has been a little while since I shared an Avalanche jersey here.  I figured it was time.  Here is one of the latest additions to my jersey collection.

Steve Konowalchuk played just shy of 100 regular season games for the Colorado Avalanche.  His stay included 13 playoff games as well.  “Kono” became an Avs player via a trade with the Washington Capitals on October 22, 2003.  His career came to an abrupt halt just before the 2006-2007 when a heart condition forced him to end his NHL career.  Although we wasn’t with the team very long he still is remembered and respected for his style of play and his leadership.  Those are just a couple of the many reasons why I jumped on this jersey when I had the chance.

2005-2006 Burgundy Kono

2005-2006 Burgundy Kono Back

Steve Konowalchuk #22 of the Colorado Avalanche during the game against the Los Angeles Kings on October 19, 2005 at Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NHLImages)

Steve Konowalchuk #22 of the Colorado Avalanche during the game against the Los Angeles Kings on October 19, 2005 at Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NHLImages)

For those of you that know me well you know my passion for photo matching jerseys.  It’s the “game within the jersey game.”  I had this jersey matched literally moments after I knew it was mine and way before I had the chance to see it in person.  That was fun.  There are two distinct stick marks on the crest of the jersey.  They were all I needed.  Here’s my picture of the crest.


And here’s a closer look at the above image from Getty Images.



The jersey lover in me really enjoys the name plate on this jersey.  It makes me appreciate the art of making the back of these jerseys balanced and symmetrical.  Denver Athletic had to do some work to make this jersey look good.  They’re fortunate that Konowalchuk wore a larger size 58 jersey.  That fact definitely helped with some much-needed real estate for the extra long name plate.  It’s very pretty.

2005-2006 Burgundy Kono Nameplate

And a jersey with a commemorative patch?  Done deal.  I love jerseys with patches.

One more cool quirk.  The original MeiGray tag on this jersey had the 2004-2005 season on it.  That season never happened due to a labor dispute between NHL owners and the player’s union.  Instead of retagging everything the Avs/MeiGray decided to simply add a small 2005-2006 patch to the left of the 2004-2005 patch.  Check it out.

2005-2006 Burgundy Kono MeiGray

This jersey was from the first set of burgundy jerseys the Avalanche wore during the 2005-2006 season.  They were worn from the preseason through December 12, 2005.  Konowalchuk only played in 21 games overall for the Avs that season.  If my math is correct it looks like this jersey saw action in nine regular season home games.  There were three other home games when the team wore their burgundy alternate jerseys at Pepsi Center.  Unfortunately, the video of goals scored during the 2005-2006 season is no longer available on any network site.  I was still lucky enough to find a meaningful clip on YouTube though.  This is a shorthanded goal Konowalchuk scored against the Nashville Predators on October 12, 2005.  It was one of the four goals Konowalchuk scored while wearing this jersey.

YouTube Preview Image

Special thanks to my man, Jake Dubin, for helping to make this jersey a part of my Avs collection.  Game worn, photo matched, patched, and size 58 jerseys are ALWAYS welcome in my closet.

More jerseys coming soon.  Just doing my part to help you (and me) get through the long off-season.  Stay tuned Avs fans.

#AvsTwitterPsychic: 7,000+ Thank Yous!

It all started with a few tweets a little over two years ago.

And then it became kind of a thing.

Let’s review a quick history of #AvsTwitterPsychic and how we’ve gotten from there to here.

Late in the 2012-2013 season I began calling goals before games.  Just having some fun and hoping things would work out.  A few of my picks ended up being correct and @AvsPodcast followers began to notice.  I can track where the hashtag started down to the actual tweet.  It was during this conversation with @MattyHernAvs in early January of 2013.


ATP Star

A game was born.

We went through the rest of that season playing some ATP during overtimes.  Just having some fun.

Then, at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season, we kicked it up a notch.  Choose who scores the first good hockey goal for the Avalanche and get a retweet after the game.  Simple and easy.  The game within the game.  Just a way for people to enjoy Avalanche hockey a little more (whether our team won or lost) as well as a way for Avs fans to get connected with other Avs fans.

I honestly never thought we would get to where we are.

We played for a season and things went great.  Many people played, shared, spread the word, and grew the game.  I wasn’t tracking the hashtag last season at all.  A pilot season for ATP, if you will.

Even though it took the Avalanche until their third game to score a good hockey goal this season, we still played and had a good time.  That’s what it’s all about.

And then, on December 13, 2014, just after I posted a morning tweet about playing #AvsTwitterPsychic for that night’s Avs/Blues game things got serious.

Whoa.  I never thought that would happen.  Ever.

My buddy Tedd summed things up quite well just after the tweet from the Avalanche’s Twitter feed.  

Some games later the Avs made another #AvsTwitterPsychic pick and chose Nathan Mackinnon.  29 just happened to score the first good hockey goal for the Avalanche that game.  The Avs, on their own, then contacted five other people who also chose 29 and sent them Nathan MacKinnon signed pucks.  How cool is that?

Fast forward to now.

During the 2014-2015 season the #AvsTwitterPsychic hashtag was used on Twitter almost 7,300 times.  That’s a little less than 100 posts a game.  More and more people are playing, including the Avalanche’s Twitter feed every once in a while, and more and more Avs fans are connecting with one another.  (There are some fans that know about the game and don’t play for superstitious reasons.  I get that.  They’re still connected though and that’s all that matters.)

In case you’re curious, here are the official ATP stats for the season.  I was nervous for a while that <Curse Word> (also known as a shutout) was going to be the season leader, but then Jarome Iginla heated up and got this team going on more than a few nights.

2014-15 ATP Results


Overall, it was an amazing season for our game.  Thanks to all of you for making #AvsTwitterPsychic a part of your Avs game day experience this season and thanks for telling other Avalanche fans you know about ATP.  Those of you that play (and spread the word) are the heart and soul of ATP.  The game wouldn’t be what it is without you.  I hope you had as much fun playing as I did seeing all your tweets each and every game.

Let’s keep things rolling next season and keep growing the game.  I’m kind of biased, but in my opinion it’s way too much fun not to.  I kind of feel like we’re just getting started.

Let’s Go Avs!

The Avs Hockey Podcast, Episode #94

 This episode of The AHP is brought to you by the number 94.

Ryan Smyth, 2008-09 white set 2 game worn jersey.

Ryan Smyth, 2008-09 white set 2 game worn jersey. Photo courtesy of

In this show, my co-host James “Tapeleg” Gralian and I talk about a big old pile of Avalanche injuries, slim playoff chances, Iggy’s one-timer, our hope for Avalanche goaltender Reto Berra, and the line of Alex Tanguay, Ryan O’Reilly, and Gabriel Landeskog hockeying like bosses.  Those topic and a bunch more Avalanche and hockey stuff coming at you in episode #94 of The Avs Hockey Podcast.  Thank you for joining us Avalanche fans!

Links for your clicking pleasure:

From The Denver Post’s Terry Frei: The Avalanche will report to camp a year older and a year wiser next season.

Visit for more Avalanche information than you can shake a hockey stick at.

Visit for useful salary and cap information.

The Avs Hockey Podcast, Episode #93

In this podcast James “Tapeleg” Gralian and Jay break down Varly’s record-setting performance against the Blackhawks on January 6, we discuss Reto Berra scoring a goal for the Lake Erie Monsters, we talk about James and his adventures in Florida, and we encourage all Avalanche fans to mark February 27, 2016 on their calendars.  Those topics and much more in episode #93 of The AHP.  Thanks for joining us!

Links and videos for your clicking pleasure:

Semyon Varlamov sets the records during the Avalanche’s 2-0 win against the Blackhawks in Chicago on January 6, 2015.  54 saves.  Not too shabby.

YouTube Preview Image

Matt Duchene’s third period goal against the Stars on January 10th here:

…brought back great memories for many long-time Avalanche fans.  Jay wrote about it here:

James made a guest appearance on the Canes Weekly Podcast before the Avs faced the Carolina Hurricanes on January 13.  Listen to the show here:

James went to the Avalanche/Panthers game in Sunrise, Florida on January 15. This happened:

Reto Berra was sent to Lake Erie for conditioning on January 10.  He made his first start against the Chicago Wolves on January 16.  Then this happened.  Well done 20/30.

YouTube Preview Image

GoPro and the NHL.  A good combination.

YouTube Preview Image

Avs/Red Wings.  Coors Field.  February 27, 2016.  Be there.

Matt Duchene from Peter Forsberg

Matt Duchene’s eventual game-winning early third period goal against the Dallas Stars brought back some happy memories for some long-time Colorado Avalanche fans yesterday afternoon.  Duchene had tried this move many, many times before.  This was the first time it was successful (at least that I can remember.)

Here’s Duchene’s tally:

YouTube Preview Image

Every time he’s tried that move I think of someone else though….

If we asked Duchene about his strategy there (knowing he was a fan of the Avalanche growing up) I’m sure he would eventually bring up the name of a recent Hockey Hall of Fame inductee we Avs fans are pretty fond of.  He actually does just that here.  Check out the similarities, including the bottom hand off the stick to protect the puck.  Peter Forsberg, take it away.

Goal against the Oilers:

Goal against the Wild:

Good to know I’m not the only one who thinks this way when we see Duchene try this move too:

Great minds think (and tweet) alike Dario.  Nice.

So ultimately an assist can’t officially be given to Peter Forsberg on Matt Duchene’s goal, but it was plenty close enough.

Let’s Go Avs.

***Links to the original YouTube videos linked above are here and here.  Watch both in their entirety.  They are glorious.

The Avs Hockey Podcast, Episode #92

We’re back in your ear holes!  It’s the Gabriel Landeskog edition of The Avs Hockey Podcast, Your Home for Almost Everything Avalanche.

Landeskog Blue Alternate back

In this show, James “Tapeleg” Gralian and and Jay discuss the 2014-2015 Avalanche season thus far, how injuries have impacted this season, our MVPs, our biggest surprises, and a whole lot more hockey and Avs stuff.  Thanks for your patience between shows.  It has been just a while and it’s great to be back.

Happy New Year Avs fans!

Some highlights for your viewing pleasure:

Question: What’s better than a Matt Duchene shootout goal?  Answer: Watching a Matt Duchene shootout goal in slow-motion.  Here is his backhand finish on Winnipeg Jets goaltender Ondrej Pavelec on December 11, 2014.

YouTube Preview Image

Alex Tanguay is patient with the puck.  Case in point, his shootout-ending goal against Edmonton Oiler goaltender Ben Scrivens on January 2, 2015.  This is pretty.

YouTube Preview Image

Video credit for both of these goals to Vince Talavera.  He has great seats for shootouts at Pepsi Center.  Thank you for sharing the love Vince!

Ryan O’Reilly, 2013-2014 Game Worn White Jersey

It has been a little slow in the recent past when it comes to new jerseys joining my collection.  As time goes by it is getting more difficult to track down classic blank jerseys, affordable game worn Avalanche jerseys, and current blank jerseys as well.  The Avalanche playing better hockey means more popularity and higher prices too.  I get that.  It makes sense.

With that being said, here the latest addition to my closet.

Last season I pre-ordered Ryan O’Reilly’s set two white jersey during the season.  The price was affordable for a player of O’Reilly’s caliber.  That’s always a plus.  Check it out.

Ryan O'Reilly 2013-2014 White Set II

Ryan O'Reilly 2013-2014 White Set II back

As I watched the jersey in action it was really tough to identify any game use, marks, holes, etc.  Watching the jersey on television and being limited as far as context in pictures posted after the games was a challenge too.  Why doesn’t Ryan O’Reilly ever stand still?  That’s rude.  Sometimes it’s much easier to do the work once the jersey is in your hands.  This was one of those times.  As is usually the case, there were plenty of details to find and match.  For example, there were a few team repairs on the left sleeve just below the elbow that I was able to match from the game in Long Island against the Islanders on February 8, 2014 as well as the game versus the Flyers in Philadelphia on February 6, 2014.

Ryan O'Reilly 2013-2014 White Set II left sleeve

There were a few stick marks just below the crest here:

Ryan O'Reilly 2013-2014 White Set II marks front

…that I matched to the February 3, 2014 game against the Devils in New Jersey.

There was also a mark behind the left shoulder here:

Ryan O'Reilly 2013-2014 White Set II MeiGray Tag back left shoulder

…which I matched to that same game against the Devils in New Jersey on February 2, 2014.

And while we’re speaking about the Devils game, O’Reilly scored the game-winning goal in overtime wearing this jersey as well.  Drag ahead to 2:42 if you want to see the overtime winner by itself.  Watch the whole thing if you like late Avs equalizers.

YouTube Preview Image

The great thing about these jerseys and the way they’re documented is that it’s much simpler (and entertaining) to track the action they’ve been a part of. This jersey was worn during 15 road games between December 21, 2013 and March 6, 2014.  Overall, O’Reilly scored seven goals and recorded ten assists wearing it.

Here are the games:


And here is the game log for that period of time.  There was no way to sort this by home and away games.  Sorry for the scrolling.


Some other highlights featuring the jersey above:

Two goals against the Minnesota Wild on January 11, 2014.  A power play goal in the second period that gave the Avalanche a 2-0 lead and the eventual game-winner in the third period.  Backhand top shelf snipe anyone?

YouTube Preview Image

An early goal as well as the primary assist on Jamie McGinn’s eventual game-winning goal on January 24, 2014 against the Panthers in Florida.

YouTube Preview Image

An early third period beauty on a break and the secondary assist on Tyson Barrie’s eventual game-winner against the Blackhawks in Chicago on March 4, 2014.

YouTube Preview Image

Highlights and history surround this jersey worn during the middle of Ryan O’Reilly’s 2013-2014 Lady Byng award-winning season.  Having the jersey in my collection is one thing.  Matching it to pictures and video makes me appreciate it even more.  Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I enjoyed creating the ride for you.

Until the next jersey, and as always, Let’s Go Avs.

Your Official #AvsChat Guide

It’s official Avs fans, the inaugural #AVsChat is scheduled for Tuesday, September 23.  We will start the chat at around 8:30-8:45 p.m. US mountain time.  I would love to be more specific with the time, but with two girls (ages five and three) at home, we never know what bed time is going to bring.  Make sure you’re on Twitter at about 8:30 and you should be fine.

I wanted to reach out to those of you that have never participated in a live Twitter chat and provide some details that will support you with becoming a Twitter chat pro in virtually no time.

The key to Twitter chats is the use of the hashtag.  In our case it will be #AvsChat.  The hashtag is what will connect us all during the chat time, whether we follow each other or not so please be sure to use the #AvsChat hashtag with every tweet you post during the chat.

I have linked videos below which will help to get you familiar with two tools that will allow you to follow the chat more effectively (while on a computer.)  The first tool is TweetDeck (made and supported by Twitter):

YouTube Preview Image

…and the second tool is TweetChat.

YouTube Preview Image

You can always simply use the Twitter site or app on your mobile device to search for the hashtag as well.  On your phone, simply click on the hashtag and you’ll be able to see everyone that has used that hashtag in recent tweets.  If you’re going to be using the Twitter site on your computer go to, type in #AvsChat, and then read/interact with/whatever you’d like to do with the tweets you see.

Even with using what TweetChat and TweetDeck have to offer you still may feel overwhelmed by the amount of tweets you’ll see during the chat.  That’s definitely okay and the sign of an active and effective chat.  In the end, you will see the tweets you’re meant to see.  Feel free, during that chat, to sit back, relax read what people are thinking.  You can obviously choose to have a conversation with people as well.  Each question will last for about five minutes each and then we’ll move on.  I will ask the question using the Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. format.  Participants then answer with A1, A2, A3, etc. format.  That way it will be easier to keep track of where we are in the chat.

I will be the moderator for this chat so you can either follow me (@AvsPodcast) to make sure you don’t miss any of the questions, or keep an eye on my tweets as you use any of the methods/tools suggested above.  And just so you can mentally prepare, the link to the questions I’ll ask is right here:  That is the actual document that I will copy and paste the questions from.  The questions may change just a bit before our chat so be sure (if you prefer) to check them out again closer to next Tuesday night.

I think that’s about it.  I am always happy to help in any way that I can with questions about logistics or anything else.  Just be in touch on Twitter (@AvsPodcast) or you can send me an email at  I’m happy to do whatever I can to help make it successful for all of us.

Thanks for much for your passion and being connected to what James and I do with the show.  Without these connections I never would have thought to make #AHPChat a thing.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Talk to everyone again soon and Let’s Go Avs.

#AvsChat, Join us!

Hey there Avs fans!  I was looking for a way for Avs fans to get even more interaction and connections on Twitter and based on my past experiences with Twitter chats I thought I would give it a go.  Twitter chats are a great way for people with similar interests and passions (Colorado Avalanche hockey for example) to have a live conversation as well as have the chance to connect with other fans you otherwise may not have met.  I will be more than happy to moderate this chat.  I have already created a handful of questions which will be used to guide the first conversation/chat we have.

If you have never participated in a chat on Twitter they go a little something like this.  The hashtag is the key to the whole thing.  A moderator posts questions while participants chime in.  All tweets during this chat should include the hashtag (#AvsChat) so people who aren’t following each other can see each other’s tweets.  Participants can follow the hashtag by clicking on the hashtag on their mobile device, but it’s way simpler to use a tool like TweetDeck or TweetChat  on an actual computer to follow along.  As the moderator, I will post questions with a Q1, Q2,  Q3, etc. format.  Chatters then reply using the A1, A2, A3, etc. format so it’s simple to see which question participants are referring to.  Twitter chats, overall, are pretty simple and very powerful!

I am looking to get this going soon and am hoping to have a couple of #AvsChats before the regular season begins.  The only thing I need from those of you that this sounds interesting to is what day/time of day that would generally work best for you to participate.  I’m thinking the chat will take about an hour total.  If you would please take literally 15 seconds and fill out the form below I will get the very first #AvsChat scheduled here in the near future.

Thanks again for your interest and stay connected to The AHP’s Twitter and Facebook feeds for when the first of hopefully many #AvsChats will happen!

The Avs Hockey Podcast, Episode #91

In this podcast, my co-host James “Tapeleg” Gralian (from The Rink Report) and I talk about two new Avs in the Hall of Fame, NHL Awards, free agent signings and departures, the Ryan O’Reilly situation, Paul Stastny, Jarome Iginla, your Facebook Fan Page and #AskAHP questions, and much more.  All of those topics and almost everything else Avalanche coming at you in episode #91 of The Avs Hockey Podcast.  Thanks for joining us Avalanche fans and hope you’re enjoying your summer so far!

Jarome Iginla may have just turned 37 years old, but he can still score the hockey puck.  Here are all 30 of his goals from last season.

YouTube Preview Image

Nathan MacKinnon won the Calder Trophy as the NHL’s rookie of the year.  Here are all of his goals from last season.  You’re welcome.

YouTube Preview Image’s Avalanche season highlights in 60-ish seconds.

YouTube Preview Image